lying down listening to skip james with freshly dyed hair was my personal dream in high school, so it was about that time that i bought a record player, that now collects dust, i should use it more often

i first heard skip james in ghostworld
i was in just as a trance as enid was, when she first listened to the memphis minnie record
it caught me and never let go

too bad i can't find the exact still of enid lying down listening to the record,

so here are some random images of 
"women listening to records"
ooo, women with cigarette listening to records!
how 50's french.

with her freshly dyed back-to-black hair.
i wanted to embody that experience
which maybe accounts for my various hair colors throughout the years.
that is not me, but i did have green hair for a stint.

ghostworld was one of those films for me.
empire records
the exterminating angel
the imaginarium of dr. parnassus

 alex and i are always on the prowl for interesting and captivating imagery.
i am drawn to films like this.

like an egg yolks in oil.
and lava lamps.
and ants crawling out from hands

gracias surrealists!

inspiration: green hairmelomaniafrancoise sagan, woman listening to records with cigarette

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