DIY Grad School Semester Project

a'misa chiu

DIY Grad School
Semester Project 1

keywords: Museum of Jurassic Technology,  Kircher/chains of analogy, display, tribes and interconnectedness, avatar/alter-reality/simulacra/matrix/inception

Today I went to the Museum of Jurassic Technology.  It was closed.  I walked around to the back and ended up talking to the custodian.  She introduced me to the lady who runs the museum.  She ends up turning the "lights" on for me, letting to freely roam around the museum.   Inside is very dark, and my eyes not adjusted to the light are blinded.  I begin walking around snapping photos and noticing how the artifacts are displayed and presented.  

The museum begins to unravel itself.  Learing me farther and farther down chains of thought, unraveling hidden mysteries that I had never thought.  I certainly didn't understand all of it, and only gleaned just a portion from it.  It is indeed its own labyrinth of science and mysticism.  I found a staircase and climbed up it, not even quite understanding where I was, and if I was going to become trapped in a place with all the windows and doors were closed off.
2 hours later I emerged, closing the door of the museum behind me.  I watched as a lady stumbled in behind me, I wonder how long she stayed inside.

In the words of Valentine Worth: 'All of nature in its awful vastness and incomprehensible complexity is in the end interrelated - worlds within worlds within worlds: the seen and the unseen - the physical and the immaterial are all connected - each exerting influence on the next - bound, as it were, by chains of analogy - magnetic chains. Every decision, every action mirrors, ripples, reflects and echoes throughout the whole of creation. The world is indeed bound with secret knots.'

INTO THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE... (quoted from the front entrance sign)

finds from Urban Treks:
playing cards, public telephone directory pages, cd, bird feathers, stickers, flyers, newspaper, matchbooks, metro tickets, receipts, drawings, leaves

Each object, where art piece or found object or soundbite or film or diorama, displayed with clear markings of the place and street. 
(6 piece goal: Urban Camp Collage, Walking montage video to play on loop, Found Card Series, Sculpture, Photo Series, Journal of documentation

Display on shelves, framed, hung, shadow boxes! Pop-up books.  Tactile, touch, sound, smell, immersion. Tent set-up?

Ernst Haeckel, Art Forms From the Ocean and The Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel
Une Semainer De Bonte, A Surrealist Novel in Collage by Max Ernst

What is history?  What is truth? If facts are isolated with no further proof, will people choose to believe it?

Inception, Simulcra, Matrix, Alter-reality= Museum of Jurassic Technology= Urban Camping= Creating new meaning from the known reality

Goal for this week: Draw more truthfully. Objects in isolation

thinking about a lot of different things

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