diary writing as subversive autobiography

However much the realm of diary-keeping
has been a female experience that has often
kept us closeted writers, 
away from the act of writing 
as authorship, 
it has most assuredly been 
a writing act that intimately connects 
the art of expressing one's feeling 
on the written page 
with the construction of self 
and identity, 
with the effort to be fully self-actualized.  
This precious powerful 
sense of writing 
as a healing place
where our souls can speak and unfold 
has been crucial to women's development 
of a counter-hegemonic 
experience of creativity 
within patriarchal culture.  
Significantly, diary writing has not 
been traditionally seen by literary scholars 
as subversive autobiography,
as a form of authorship 
that challenges 
conventional notions 
about the primacy of confessional writing 
as mere documentation 
(for women most often a record of our sorrows).  
Yet in the many cases 
where such writing
has enhanced 
our struggle to be self-defining
 it emerges as 
a narrative of resistance
as writing that enables us
 to experience both 
and self-recovery.
                                " quotes bell hooks in remember rapture

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