broke and washed up

Some people are fucking lunatics. 
Kristina Beavers is one of them.
This is a drawing she sent Eyeball Burp, along with some moniesssssss.
(I'll be sending some zines to Alameda, for sure!)
Sexiest 10 bucks I've ever seen...
and, I'm broke right now, so I might spend this on a number of things, God willing.

1. Knee-high ass-kicking boots, specifically black combat boots with rubber soles
2. Medicine that the doc ordered
3. Over-priced health insurance
4. a new brassieur
5. Red lip liner!!!
6. tickets to see Emily Wells (obsessed with her voice, talk about vocal inspiration)
7. an air-brush gun
8. 1965 Ford Mustang (will someone teach me how to fix car engines...)
9. a music saw

we didn't get to burn the man this year. but we did have Slum Circus and a spontaneous bbq at the Den last night (so more pics to come)

slummin and bummin it

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