Surprisingly Succulent

So, there's this house on our street.  We dubbed it "the mound".  Perhaps its a hump of magic.  Whatever it is, its quite a hill of succulents.  Kenneth says whatever they are hiding in that house, they are doing it well.   That comment made me curious, so I decided to walk over there today, to interview whoever lives at this house.  I told Kenneth if I wasn't back in 15 minutes to start getting worried for me.  
This is the front view of the garden.  I chickened out and didn't knock on the door.  But I did keep walking down the street, trying to notice the city. (It was then I noticed I forgot my phone).

I kept walking.  My feet just keep moving forward.  Every once in a while I would think, I don't have my phone.  Will they be worried? No, I'll only be gone for a hour.  And kept walking on.  
When I stopped to stare at the telephone wires I couldn't help but see this huge cross over Culver City.  
To me, the 90 freeway is just 405's little bitch rampway.

Neon busstop seats and Starbucks litter.  I wonder how many landfills are dedicated to just our consumer culture's coffee cup waste.  Probably hundreds.
Discarded weeds.  
Birds perch on both.
Stop sign stickers.
After this, I stopped taking pictures because I had to walk across Centinela, where the cars don't stop for nobody.  I popped into the Venice Free Methodist church service.  For moment one, I was drawn to tears, by just hearing strangers' stories and see the love of the people for each other.  The woman leading worship read a poem.  I burst out in tears and spent the next 15 minutes in healing crying.  It was what I was looking for when I first went on the walk.  I remembered that I had left my phone at home, and that Kenneth probably thought I was dead at the succulent hill house, so I left service.  I went up to her afterwards to say thank you.  She told me that the poem she read was a Psalms, and I was shocked.  Still crying, we exchanged phone numbers, because she hosts a woman's small group.  For some reason, I think this is why I went on the walk this afternoon, and kept on walking.  Perhaps I was walking to find some truth in the city, and truth I did see. 

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