Alex and Dad caught trout for dinner, and we ate it with some den lemons & shoyu. So yummy.
 I got hot in the sun and wanted to climb rocks and see the stream instead.
We build a cedarwood fire, popping fresh Jiffy Pop over the open fire.  After we licked our fingers clean, we saw that that lid said, "DO NOT POP OVER OPEN FLAME."  Whoops!
Here is Mom and Dad packing up all the equipment as Alex and I broke down the tent.
We all shared the tent, cozy or crampy depending which side you are looking at.    
We ate spam the second day as it was an uneventful day at the lake.  Relaxed and ate some delicious berry and banana cream pie. Mom brought our favorites, chips and dried mango!
Stopped in Manazar.   Look at those mountains.  This was the land that my people were raised in and cultivated it.  Quite awe-inspiring to learn of Pleasure Park.  

After cleaning off all the dust and grime, we headed to Eatalian Cafe to celebrate Paul and Monica's Engagement! Congratulations you two! 
Soon-to-be Mr and Mrs Poops!
Family dinners around the table is always a good time
Dadbos and his vino

Bo-bo Heads!

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theFourthie said...

no joke--i cried a little when i saw these beautiful pictures of your beautiful family.