Flash: A Night of Art and Music

Eyeball Burp and Wells presents...
FLASH: A Night of Art and Music
The Gardena Dance Studio, Gardena, Los Angeles, CA
Pieces by Artoo
Constructing the Art Wall
Kenneth manning projection stand inbetween his violin solos
 Gardena Dance Studio Photos
Wells Set Up
With the efforts of an entire community, all of our dreams and idealisms became reality!!

Patterning the Studio
Eyeball-inspired goodie makers: moni, mom, ann, bryce
Video Installations by Thomas McDermottGrey HashThomas TrudgeonAlex Chiu

Live Music by Wells

**new**Wells EP, 5 Bucks
Special Thanks to all who participated, either by artmaking, musicmaking, flyering, folding, cooking, nourishing, financing, watching, photographing, hauling, blogging, supporting, loving, and just coming out.  Each person present made this event possible.  This has been the first FLASH event, and certainly not the last.  We hope to 'flash' in your neighboring alleyways, backyards, parking lots, warehouses...
Please let us know if you have access to large huge free vacant spaces. Peace.

To Wells More!!
(build with us)

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theFourthie said...

i love how you get things done ann. too kewl.