1. DIY Grad School Students: Yumi Sakugawa, Jenny Yoo, Justin Nakasone, Alex Chiu, and myself
Please visit our blog, www.diygradschool.blogspot.com, and comment on our musings, as we explore what is grad school, why should we pay for credentials and degrees.  How do we formulate our own credibility, and what is the process of learning for us as individual artists and creators?

2. Couture Fashion and how it plays into Wedding Fashion.

3. Salad Days, a feature length film about young people that was introduced to me by a friend David Chien.  It is real, honest and hits close to home because of the perceived age of the characters (20-30s). We'll be having a test screening of it at the Culver Den on Sunday at 8p.  Come and hang out with us!

4. The noodle soup I made to dinner reminded Alex and I of the noodle soup that we frequently made on the Blue Mini Tour.  Usually the noodles would be consumed while tailgating the van in the back alleyway of a strip mall.

5. Running around Culver City.  Its nice and it makes me want to run more and more.  10 pounds by October! Dig!

6. New roommates: Kenneth and Justin.  There is good beats, good food, good plants, good events, good conversation, and good vibes here.  Its a nice place to start the summer.

7. Signaling by Traci Kato-Kiriyama.  If you haven't flipped through it, please check out the copy in the Culver Den Community Bookshelf.  It will increase your awe-inspiring life 100 fold. 


Megumi said...

Hi Lovely Ann! I don't know if you know, but I read this blog religiously- i.e. it's on my google reader and i read it all the time. Thank you for being inspiring! :D

Yumi Sakugawa said...

thumbs up to everything :D SEE U TONIGHT!