Zines at Casa Heiwa

Zine?! Like in maga-zine? You mean, we can draw any story we want?  
Anything?  Really?  And we can publish it so I can give any copies to my friends?  
Welcome to the world to self-publishing, kids.
All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, a copy machine, and a little imagination! 
 Slowly slowly this free publication box has become a favorite drop off point for zinesters in the South Bay. Eyeball Burp hit it up after the Zine Making Workshop at Casa Heiwa.

In this workshop, we learned how to make a zine out of one sheet of computer paper.  It is folded in half and then in 3s, creating a small booklet.  Some call this a pamphlet, i call it a zine! We photo-copied our originals so we had a few zines to pass out to friends.   Zine making is a world full of potenial.  
The Planet Zine by Yazmine
The Kid-Napper Zine by Erica
Pokemon Zine by Mikey
The Crazy Zine, by Memphis

Join us as we raise support and funding for the after-school program.  
(Photos taken at the Casa Heiwa's After-School Program in Little Tokyo)


tina tae said...

this is soo perfect.
I love this post <3 <3

traci said...

this is the coolest! Casa Heiwa kids and A'misa rock :)