"so keep on my dear friend!  i also think you bring people out and you bring people together to create a community.  and community doesn't have to be big numbers - we just have to connect."
Thanks auntie pam for the encouraging words.   This affirmation pushes us to continue to seek the conversations and gatherings that we believe need to happen.  It is fuel for the soul.  Just like without food, the people perish, without the faith that this is all happening for a reason and specific purpose, we perish.  And yet we push on.  

So without further ado, the Indie Craft Show is making a stop at Neighborhood Grinds in Redondo Beach this May 22nd, Saturday (9-1p)!  Talented Crafters such as Penny Richards of Pennamite Purses and More, Nika Nakamoto of Nik Naks Cards, illustrations of Yumi Sakugawa, Candace of Clay and Clue, Ann Matsushima of Amisa, Eyeball Burp and more! Come stop by, get a cup of freshest brew, and chat with local crafters!  

Buy local, buy local, buy local.  This is our bread and butter, people.  Don't spend your money at the mall, spend it at an Indie Craft Show! 

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