Big Little Hat Bows

amisa presents Big Little Hat Bows
(on sale at the Indie Craft Show at Neighborhood Grinds on May 22nd, Saturday)

"Sadoka and the Thousand Loves" Hat Bow
"Pirate Ruffle" Hat Bow
 (collaboration of Amanda Kaneshiro, xtine, and amisa)
"A Whimisal World" Hat Bow
"Crystal Bow-Lightlightly" Hat Bow

Each Big Little Hat Bow is hand-crafted with love, patience, and a little bit of nonsense.  
They are made to be worn for dinner parties, tea parties, luncheons, work, play, dress up, prancing around, and any other time you would need a Big Little Hat Bow.  Thank you xtine for your crafty guidance and delicious foodies to fuel the creative spirit! (price range begins at $20)

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Vanessa said...

ann, you look hawt! or haute? anyway, you and those hats are amazing.