Any excuse is a good excuse to get family together

The January-July Matushima Birthday!!!
(cake II by alex, orchid grown by dadbo)

60! New deck! oh shoot, uncle harvey! 
warriors colors
wheelers: fellow creatives
so many different good energies in the room!  especially a blurry auntie irene & bryce
...and surprise visit from miss tracy ono!
my baby cousin all grown up and going to LB State to study anthropology! 
Some of the many many beautiful faces of the Matsushima/Miyamura clan that were here today!

I just came back from a church women's retreat and wow, i never thought it would be so healing/freeing/beautifully amazing.  I had the opportunity to sit and talk and level with powerful people.  Women like Maria Tachihara, an spunky 83-yr-old nurse who has a story for each rings on her finger, Diane Ujiiye, Wendy Katagi, Teresa Matsushima, Yoshiko Yasamasu, etc.  I am discovering a new love of mine.  Older women.  I wish to learn their stories, compare it to mine, see the similarities and the differences.  Know that they are my sisters, my mothers, my aunties, my cousins, my closest friends.  I wasn't born with a sister.  But now I am seeing that I have many many many sisters and brothers.  Brother Sun and Sister Moon.   Is that why I have a moon tattooed on my back?  Or is because it represents the waxing and waning of life, and through the seasons of change, we are challenged, stretched, healed, and taught that the more life we live, the fuller equipt we are to love.  But thats me, and i'm from the school of hard-knocks. 

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