A Wanderer's Donut Party

The Wanderer's Donut Party is an effort to promote the wanderer's lifestyle of meeting unique and awesome individuals that live within one's locale.  This year we hosted it at Miss Donuts (on 182nd/Western), as we frequently hang out here and dream big dreams into the air.  
Vanessa Yee graced us with her calming and thought-provoking film directoring presence! 
Grace Lee from AudreyShops came to hang out.  So did fellow doodler Allen.
 Zo & Alex read Eyeball Burp intensely.
A well of people form a shoe circle.

My fiancee is a sexy cake baker. My dad is a fine rose gardener.
Alex will be baking our wedding cake,  Bob will be growing many many flowers for the reception.

Family & friends came out of the woodworks to come celebrate with us!  A great way to start the week-- by eating fat pieces of strawberry cake.  The donut shop lady was kind enough to give us free donuts when we told her we were throwing a small tea party on the tables in front.  You rule Miss Donuts!

The cops drove by 4 times, but they let us proceed.  They didn't really care.  I am just happy that all the different networks of people (wells, late night peeps, family, collaborators, friends) came together and had a chance to mingle and interact with each other.  It is Alex and I's hope that we can continue to formulate a community of creative individuals, and try to inspire and affect the people around us, so that they can see that a lifestyle of art, dialogue and growth is possible.  This is the hope of Eyeball Burp.
Another year older.  Hopefully wiser, as well.

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