filming The Laundromat

Airing out one's dirty laundry is subtly subversive and risque, especially within the Asian American community.  Perhaps people feel more at ease with keeping the silence than they do speaking up.  Director Vanessa Yee is working on a documentary about silence in the AsAm community.  In her interviews she is allowing the people involved to talk about their lives on film, and ushering them into a space where it is okay to talk about your life, as you know it.  When I begun to talk to people about the topic of Silence, people were hesitant to further engage me in conversation, fearful that I wanted to know all of their secrets.  But it isn't.  It is just "airing out the laundry".
The film is titled "The Laundromat".  Being apart of the filming process was very interesting, as it was my first time with all the lights and cameras and equipment.  After spending 2 intimate afternoons with Judy and Vanessa, I realized how close-knit relationships must get when working on a film together.  Alex was most painting these 2 days, so we had much freedom to converse as we felt necessary, though finding a quiet spot within all the sound layers of the neighbors proved to be difficult.  If it wasn't the leaf blower, it was KISS FM. If it wasn't the screeching of tires on the street, it was the garbage truck passing slowly through the neighborhood.
I haven't talked about my life in this manner before, and I feel very vunerable projecting all my experiences for one person to edit and formulate any story she finds fit.   I tried to remain as open as I could, and because I have thought a lot about my life and situations and people in it, I was ready to answer most of her questions.   It was blazing hot as well.  It just added to the experience.

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