DIY: Lychee Martini

So my girlfriends and I went to get lychee martinis the other day at Mesa (this swanky hip bar/restaurant in Costa Mesa).  We began downing our drinks, making statements like "this taste like juice", "deliciouso", and "may we have other round, please?", it didn't occur to us that each martini was 11 bucks, and that at the end of the night our bill looked more like something from a sushi bar than a casual night out.  

Let me just state the obvious.  I'm a girl on the budget, whose currently unemployed because I'm trying to seek after my true passions rather than slaving away my life for an employer, and if things seems heavy on my pocketbook, than I opt to make it myself.  Though the unisex, sink in every stall, obscure images projected on the wall bathrooms in Mesa were rad.  

• Ice cubes
• 6 ounces Vodka
• 4 ounces Lychee Juice
• Splash of Vermouth
• 2 Lychees (for garnishing) 
How to make Lychee Martini:
Fill ice in a cocktail shaker.
Add in vodka, lychee juice and vermouth.
Shake until the drink is chilled.
Pour into 2 martini glasses.
Garnish with lychees and serve.


theFourthie said...

those martinis sound delicious, although it will make me sick in real life. i do love lychees. remember when we gave a lychee to lasonta?

i like the new layout girl. lookin' hot.

tina tae said...

hey, are you still tipsy in this post? out of curiosity.
cuz that would be kinda cool :o)

sorry to hear that though.
drinks here are expensive too. i got a glass of house white, just to be social, and I swear a waiting pigeon just snatched a twenty out of my hand!

needless to say, I was a little grumpy for a bit.