this weeks picks

don't know what to rent at the video store?  think everything is totally lame? is blockbuster just too darn expensive? are you just too good for netflic? well, our friend (v!) introduced us to this amazing gem of a store. It's in West LA, but right near the Nuart, Sawtelle and the GR madness, Blicks, and the old 50's diner! oh, Video Store Named Desire, how we love thee!

Modulations- Cinema for the Ear (doc), dLana Lee
TransAmerica- d. Duncan Tucker
The Mighty Peking Man- presented by Q. Tarantino (vhs)

24Hr Party People- d. Michael Winterbottom

Female Trouble- d. John Waters
Shortbus- d. James Cameron Mitchell
Faust- d. Svankmajer

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