Tonight our visual pleasure was a Japanese film (no sub-titles, so we left to "neo-benshi" the whole thing), Toshio Matsumoto's Funeral Parade of Roses. Wow.  Thank you Adam Roth for passing this along.  This almost completes my search for Best "Drag Queens on Screen".  The main character of this film might consider herself a transexual, though.  Matsusmoto is very select to leave out shots of the genitals that would make or break this assumption.  I have a feeling that this lady has removed off much more than her frock.  Can't say for certain though.  He paints a lovely visual landscape of the life style of this lady and her collegues.  It seems like it depicts a certain intellectual bohemian culture of the late 1960s.  Certain strip party scenes with jump cuts of intense conversation and film making and bizarre artworks remind me of the more productive days of living with alex. hah!

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adam roth said...

Trippy-awesome visual treat, right? Though figuring it out is a veritable rubix cube, there actually is a way to activate the subtitles in the DVD menu. Give it another go!