Neo-Benshi video voiceover/dialogue project was the 2nd project in the Chapbook Project, started by master mind Felipe Martinez and friends (all alumus of UCSD).  Felipe expressed that he wished to have a copy of his closest friends' work, and began encouraging his collegues that there is no better way to be published than self-published.  The first group of participants includes Nancy Romero, Lan Pham, Saehee Cho, Christina Wood, Felipe Martinez, and Thomas Trudgeon.  

Alex and I were happy to be involved in this 2nd portion of the Project.  It was great meeting truely talented people.  The energy in the room, the day of the presentations was intense.  I couldn't help but feel that there was something big happening amongst us, though nobody could put their finger on it.  

Neo-Benshi is a technique of using video as the visual medium while creating a new dialogue/context over the images.  I muted the movie and spoke over it, weaving a new story (based loosely on personal experience and all the fuck-up-ness of all the other movies I've been watching lately).  I also have been practicing my poetry as a form of expression, so I tried to be real with that form of speaking as well.  

Felipe and Christina opened up their home to us.  Comfy sofa bed, chapbooks, and lovely conversation. 

Exploring the old digs was nice. Nancy poses under a new mural, while Hyo snaps a million pictures of her new toy camera the Mini Diana.  It takes cool half pictures, but it seemed like she had to take pictures endlessly.  Can't wait to see those though!

Of course, we had coffee at Calabria.  We even saw Gerry! Ah, felt like home.  

Lan and Thomas posing early in the morning.  They are both extraordinary artists.  

Camera Happy! Hyo's pose for the weekend.  

We headed home.  Back to the daily grind.  The trip made me want to move back to sd, even despite all the tension on campus.  

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Christina said...

super cool! thanks for posting the photos!