Incredible Elote!

I heard the honking yesterday. 
Honk honk honk!  I peeked outside to see a modest cart with a young girl pulling out corn and spreading what seemed like mayonaise on it.  Zo told me about the the "corn ladies"... I was curious.

Elote is steamed or grilled corn smothered in mayonnaise, rolled in grated cotija cheese, doused with lime and sprinkled with chile powder!  Some vendors use sour cream, instead of mayo...

Wonders of all wonders!  it was about the most delicious thing that I had ever tasted!! It was creamy and steamy and I never wanted it to stop.  I bought one to save for Alex and had to do my best not to completely demolish both.  A high in fat treat, but worth it, so worth it.

Keep your ears peeled for the honking of the elote cart!

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tina tae said...

this looks wonderful!
great pictures!

I had a nacho plate the other day b/c i was craving mexican food--and i paid ten dollars for a sad dish of tortilla chips and queasycheezy stuff.

ny has great food but the mexican clearly needs work.