Know history, know self. No history, no self.

There is something about this that echoes through history, where comes a moment of real change and simply the word, change.  These incidents at UC San Diego were not by accident, they were made purposely to shame, humliate, degrade, debase fellow classmates.   It takes one to know of the history of slavery and its brualities that the symbol of a noose is a symbol of death, hate, and mass prejudice.  

Education needs to start earlier, because people certainly revealing their complete ignorance & disregard for their fellow humans.  I believe that in this time, if you are a student, then you need to be aware of the intense racial climate on campuses all over.  Look around you, who do you see?  Begin with conversations with suitemates and classmates and collegues.  Who are you?  What do you represent on campus?  What is your history?  Research the difference between support and solidarity.  Where is the action coming from?  Find it.  

I want to hear from you, especially people on UCSD campus.  Angela Davis is an alumus of UC San Diego.  Perhaps she could comment and begin some dialoguing amongst facility and students.  Who is representing the group of women that hung the noose in the library? Have they spoken yet?

Let's also learn from others.  

Assata-Assata Shakur
Heartbeat of a Struggle- Yuri Kochiyama
Living For Change- Grace Lee Boggs
Angela Davis- an Autobiography

Staceyann Chin
Denizen Kane
Miwa Lyric
Black Thought

Please add to this list thur comments.


Following String of Racist Incidents, UC San Diego Students Occupy Chancellor’s Office

Crowds of students stormed and occupied the office of a University of California, San Diego chancellor for six hours Friday after a noose was found hanging from a bookcase in the main library. The noose is only the latest in a string of incidents over the past few weeks. Protests were initially sparked by an off-campus party last month they called “Compton Cookout” that mocked Black History Month and denigrated African American women. UC San Diego has the smallest percentage of African American students in the nine-campus UC system. The Black Student Union at UC San Diego has declared the campus climate for racial minorities to be in a “state of emergency.” [includes rush transcript]


April Burt said...

I cant express my words of deep sorrow right now. I'll keep up on this.

Adan Rodriguez said...

The waves keep coming. It's absurd, but I' afraid I'm going to drown from this sort of news. It's absurd.