i love sentences

1. The basement, damp with mildew, smelled of things unearthed, brushing away the gossimer past, and causing me to wish to start searching for what I needed to know.

2. The sounds of my footsteps seem to echo across eternity, leather upon marble, the shakes reverberating for the potentates' ears.

3. My eyes widened, catching all the sparkling glitz bedecked upon her hand.

4. It seems that on nights where I get bad sleep, I am most disconsolate in the mornings.

5. I like how the blinds act as a shoal for when the sun is frighteningly bright.

6. I get self-conscious at times for feeling quite obderate in my cleaning practices.

7. Life brings me wishing that I was more pertinacious in the morning.

8. The man buying donuts was insolent when the donutman couldn't speak English well.

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tina tae said...

oh annmats, you're too much.
i have to admit, these strings are kinda overwhelming...whoosh, are these for the gre?