A bit of guerilla gardening to start the week off

I love to plant food.  Water them.  Watch them grow.  Eat the fruit of the labor of the community that nurtures it, with the people that nurture it.  Have a wanderer's dinner parties from the vegetables and fruits of the garden.  Have bbq with loved ones.  Laugh. Sing and dance.  Love. Today we did.  

Cool off in the shade of a giving tree.  

Zany Zuccini, Summertime Squash, Silly Strawberries, Wassup Watermelon
We picked up these plantlings at the Torrance Farmer's Market at Wilson Park,
for between 50 cents to a buck. 

They say to plant flowers amongst vegetables.  They also say that if you eat the seed of the morning glory, you receive euphoric feelings.  Let's just keep this watered. 

Someday there will be a sweet sweet melon patch here. 
Did you know that the watermelon rind is soft enough to ripe through with your teeth?  

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