sew ello desire

This ribbon store had racks and racks of colorful ribbon.  As I began to become overwhelmed with the lace and satin, I also started to envision a dress lined with colors and texture and light.  Maybe because I found the perfect base for a wedding dress.  And maybe this is my chance to create some couture for myself.  And maybe it will just be another chilly night on an October fall.  

My mom is letting me "borrow" her machine.  She bought in when she was my age, and I suppose these machines are made out of magic, because it is still kicking, much like the van Grandma bought those 20 odd years ago.  I have set up a comfy station in the corner of the studio, and can see the creations once i've made them in the full length mirror we have.  The more mirror, the more I pluck.

Say hello to my little friend.  Ello the tElephant in high tide.   
Hopefully when I have some extra dough, I will have this inked on.  

We found this video store named Desire on Santa Monica Blvd, and it's radolicious! This dude has every cult weird obscure shitty movie that you can think of, well at least so far Alex's been impressed.  Here we are watching Crumb, not because we rented it, but because we hold dear old genius artist close to our hearts, like the way we love an old dear kitty cat, like love but with some distance, because they are unpredicatable.  But Bach loves cats, so I in turn have learned that some kitties are just kitties, cute and snuggly, and catty is a trait of all.  

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tina tae said...

you're making your dress?!?! wow that's so incredible!
I tried making a tshirt for myself a while back and let me tell you that the two-panel stitching business was a fantastic disaster!
best of luck with that!
also, looking forward to seeing that ink.
put it somewhere visible please :o) (or show it when asked by nosy friends) :o)