Neo-Benshi! (Chapbook Project 2)
FALLEN ANGELS Directed by Wong Kar Wai
(taken and adapted for live performance)
text & performance by Ann Matsushima

\\\No fucking way.
I won't be bought this time. Fuck. Last time we sat like this, i said I didn't want to, and instead of hearing
me out, he bought me a dingy ass apartment. Not that I'm complaining, I just
didn't want to be bought.
Me: What did you do this time?
I am always prepared for a job. Rubber gloves and high heels, (baby). But this time, this time, I ain't doing it.
Me: She shouldn't have fallen in love with you. You didn't even warn her. She didn't even know!
Man: She had her chance, just like you.
If only you could hear the clicking of her high heels, over tile floors, staircases, over the hearts of men that didn't even love her enough to be broken,
until she had that ache in the arch of her heel
that screamed at the end of each day. en I realize that this is me, and I is she,
and I am breaking into this apartment. Well, this is that "dingy ass place" I told you about earlier. So its not really "breaking in" per say, just "staying".
He found this place on craigslist. But you should have seen the other places craigslist "found", because i'm either highly tolerant or completely low maintenance, with the cheapness that i truly believe rent should be, One above BirdLand. right here down the street, felt like I was going to get murdered at any moment, plus all those birds. Or that ex- large-double-satellite-welded-together-into-a-UFO-sleeping are thing Or worst off, I walk into this thrashed empty apartment into a swarm of flies, only to find the bathtub is filled to the brim with stagnant water! WTF. Freaky what lies beneath type shit.

He always leaves me a mess. You should have seen the place aer he was done with ..... her. You know that people poop out their guts when they die.
I should know. I scrub the floors aerwards. I used to worry about getting some weird infectious disease from handling dismembered limbs, and buckets of God knows what, but now, but now I'm numb to it all.
People always told me I had an innocent face. You can always tell when my eyes are lying. at's why he needs me for this job, because I'm so over it, that my eyes don't lie, they just look a bit glassed over.
I don't know. It pays the bills. When the place isn't a mess, its quite cozy. I'm not staying here tonight. I can never stay over aer a 'clean up' day, too chemically.
e smell of bodies and bleach doesn't settle well with me. Perhaps tonight I sit at a quiet cafe and write songs about "what a woman must do"///

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Adan Rodriguez said...

Hm. Having first read it words only, I suspected the images would certainly make this "click" more. And seeing the images now, it does indeed click more.

It's like, reading the descriptions from the narrator, I was little unsure, doubtful. And then I see the images, and it's like, oh shit, this woman is in high heels and scrubbing the floors. Which in turn makes me appreciate the narration more. Yes.