its wet and i'm rambling

these past couple of days has been a whirlwind, sucking me in a daily routine of get- up and feel the flow of the day.  everyday and night has been full of different people and the surroundings that they introduce to me. whether a tattoo pallor in grant's pass to the fred meyer of medford to the hookah bar/club where we got v.i.p. treatment because of our friend's boyfriend.

i wanted this trip to represent a spiritual journey for me, but i'm realizing that it is much more of an opportunity to be open and practice inclusiveness.  when trying my best to go with the flow of things, to let life take me on adventures, to be willing to get lost and cold and wet and seeing and experiencing new things, new people, new food, and new types of warehouse bulk food shopping.  so far, its been a week, but it feels like practically a lifetime.  alex said to me today, " we need to update our blogs, we haven't in so long…" but actually its been 3 days, and yet, yes, my dear, it has been a lifetime in-between posts.

mostly alex and i are just trying to continue our dialogue about our future.  the wedding plans are slowly coming into our lives, ominous and foreboding.  yet we are stoked to start this stage of our life together, planning out what we think may be inshore for ourselves, but who knows, right? shit happens (too).  i'm thinking about going "back to school".  will it really "improve my situations"?  not really, but i do believe that i would like that academic setting once more.

perhaps all this sci-fi is good for me too.  it allows me to enter alternative universes and worlds that i wouldn't otherwise be reading about.  Our friend, Kristie, of Skinner and Kristie (we stayed with these good folks in Sacto) gave me a book, Wild Seed by Octavia Butler.  it is really good.  The main character is shapeshifter, healer who is about 300 years old.  She bases her fiction upon historical events, and this is happening during the African slave trade to europe and the americas. 
i bought her whole series at Powell Books because it was cheap, and i haven't read good writing in a long long while.

Oregon is a nice atmosphere for elves, fairies, vampires, and dark eye liner.  Portland itself as a darkness to it, but it truly holds the hand of a geeky comic nerd.  Its rained the whole time, and I love it because I bought a really really good rain slicker at Fred Meyer for 60% off! its bright blue and i feel like my mom in it, or ellen.

peace out.

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