The Sketch Comedy Show: "The Cool Kids Table"

I've been wanting to catch The Sketch Comedy Show for a long while now,
mainly because a good friend of mine, Jeena Yi (the one armed cheerleader), is in it,
and she is hilarious!

What I didn't know is that Projekt Newspeak is trying to make the sketch show a television show.
SNL, you better watch out.  These cats are funny. Especially their improv.

Doing sketches on everyday scenarios taken to no man's land of extreme awkwardness and outrageousness, the acting made me laugh out loud at least a dozen times.

Momma, I done burnt the fried rice.
Madea meets asian drama


The Beyonce Club
The Miss Independent Club
The I'm a Survivor Club

I hope the Lillian Theater was as packed tonight as it was on Friday night.

Especially when it ends with a finale of lipsync to 80's classics and zombies.

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