midnight, the clock strikes

time is of the essence, when deadlines are running down to the wire. time is none, and yet it is in these moments where time is at its greatest strength.  it is these moments where the mind is trying at full force to unleash its fullest potential and its greatest ideas.  its these moments where you just want to

stop, and listen,

and wait.

wondering if, if, if, if, if, if, when, when, why
and yet in the back of your mind, you know that when its all is said and done,
that everything is going to be okay,
and that you will live to see another day.

maybe you did fuck up, maybe you did just screw it all up,
or maybe you just opened yourself up to the possibility of something new, and fresh, and wonderful.

(with this said, i will go and take black and white photos at midnight, because my final photo project is due in a week, and i have too much pride to get another F in an el co art class, because of slacking, and nothing else).