Due to the Noodles and Doodles show, we missed the GR's Biennale: 15 Years opening at JANM.  Sad, because I hear it was epic, and wonderful. But, still, a rainy Friday afternoon was a perfect time to soak in all the artworks, and GR magicwonderfulness. Had to take a picture of GR's 60 Issues.  Props!!

OOOOOO Hellen Jo & Calvin Wong as cartoon -fighting-intensity.  Beat up them nekkid boys!

i really liked Albert Reyes' photo installation. his snapshots were interesting to look at, and it seemed that he had fun with the walls.

girl ojisan toy was a favorite.  my mom's response to seeing this picture was "ew that man has boobs!" thus, man boobs!

highlight of show (in our p-o-v): Theo Ellsworth
damn, he just makes me want to draw all the imaginary landscapes in my head too
...or at least start thinking about what the landscapes would look like...

alex is overwhelmed by all the freakin' good art. again, props to eric.

looky looky, color ink book!

hit up that calbi truck and had some over-priced but bomb tasty burritos.

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