The ""Make a Face"" Contest!

The winner of the "Make a Face" contest is up to you!
Leave your vote in the comments.

Contestant 1: The Confused-&-Constipated-Pirate Face
he's been wearing those clothes for days now...

Contestant 2: Intensity-Give-it-all- you-got! Face
folks, this face ain't joking!

Contestant 3: The Goofy-Snorty Face
snorta! unique new york! twisty tiey!

Contestant 4: Snacky-Trashcan-Snotpaper-Loungeydog Face
this face eats boogers! ugh!

Contestant 5: Nywahhhhhht! Face
perfected over the years!

Contestant 6: Shamalaamalaama-Nywahhhhht-Poop Face
a combo face, wow, haven't seen these tricks for years...


the judges are you! comment your top choice!

Contestant 7: A-feeble-attempt-against-these-big-shots-Claw Face
i hope the retainer works to my advantage


Anonymous said...

Contestant 3

Hurlyjark said...

EPIC. Everyone is amazing. Though I might have to go with #3. That's serious skills!

h said...

contestant 4!