Idealistic Reality

last night was one of those nights where the house was already quiet when I came home, and I just tip toed in, and began my day.  alex and i had our nightly conversation, we have long lengthy discussions about our future, our roles, the universe, art, community development, money and our survival, as well as our ideals and thoughts on our once so wide eyed visions of communal living (yet I still want that...) I then decided that instead of showering (it was too cold) that I would endure the smells of coffee, for warmth.  I sat down at my computer and started working on the spread.  

No. 2 is beginning to come together slowly, and it has more a look of a magazine than the last issue.   I hope to grow as an editor with each issue, and I am definitely learning a lot with each run.  The process has been different both times, and I know that until I standardized a way of gaining submissions and creating events in which people can create together and in a group setting, then I will have to continually scramble around to get good stuff.  I was studying the community around me, and I had to smile at what great stuff I have the honor of working with.  

Nancy Romero writes another installment of her memoir series "Modena" and the happenings of the people living in the artist-writer collective living space in La Jolla, San Diego.  Eyeball Burp scores an interview with comic artist Hellen Jo, who rocks watercolors, plays the cello, and simply represents the Asian American woman in general in the art/comic world.  We support you hellen! There is special mix by DJ Sleeps, as well as new comics by Alex Chiu.  And much much more! 

basically I'm excited.  I hope you are too.  

Issue 2 will be $3 for local folks/ $4 in the mail.  
Let us know if you'd like to reserve a copy. 

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