best movie i've seen in years

with slightly low expections (from friend's opinions), we entered the darkened theater, all not sure what to expect from the highly anticipated, yet highly hyped up "where the wild things are". sticking to the book's loose plot structure... boy is wild, boy leaves home, boy travels to the land of the wild things, wild things crown him king, boy gets home sick, boy is back at home... the movie moves beyond that basic plot to explore the interpersonal relationships between all the wild things and the boy. the movie is a rollercoaster of emotions, and many times i was left gripping alex's hand for comfort, for strength, for reassurance, for support. one is left feeling the same feelings as all the creatures, as the characters are so relateable. i felt that i was each one of the wild things, and experiencing all the pain, the loneliness, the responsibility, the drama, the pressure, the sadness, the emptiness of the creatures. i was left very satisfied and fulfilled at the movies end, with tear-stained cheeks and heavy heart.

we ate donuts later that night. it was a feast of kings. there is one in all us. wild thing.

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