not one! not one!!!!!

i haven't been able to find one good book to read. NOT ONE. I hate my life so much. I have a huge shelf of books and can't find one to read. BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


prayer.t said...

have you read gomorrah? i dug that book recently.

Tina said...

hahahaha. can you stop being so dramatic. i finished interpreter of maladies. loved it. thanks.

theFourthie said...

just finished cormac mccarthy's The Road. i cried at the end. it's really tender and it's a fast read.

i also started one by francine prose titled Blue Angel and her writing just sucks you in!!

anthony bourdain's Kitchen Confidential is pretty hilarious.

and for something more thoughtful, c.s. lewis' Til We Have Faces is really good. not a "christian" book but a twist on a greek mythology.

and if you havent yet read kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible already! it's worth buying it even!!