inspired through (and through)

conversations last week with...

alex chiu & justin nakasone
emily kaneshiro & randy nelson
chasen kubota
kevin sanada & brent shimazaki
jeena yi & justin kim
alex chiu (many times over)
paul matsushima & monica sakata
joyce kim (through letter correspondence)

many times i have wished that i could make a living off of conversations. i wish that someone, someday would pay me to sit, drink coffee, and talk. in college, i loved dinner time, because it meant food, drink, and conversations about politics, art, poetry, religion and spirituality, love & war, and all the theories that went along with it. who needed class, when the discussion was so ripe at modena, the pub, the cart. i thrived off of it, hearing people talk about their passions, their downfalls, their histories and their futures. i would sit back and listen for hours to people talking about Marx, Kant, Nietzsche, and I just absorbed it all.

nowadays i'm done with school. no more papers and test scores, but i miss the dialogue of the petty-bourgeois intellectuals, bantering on and on about theories and ideas that would probably never become anything more than just a 'nice thought, a curious idea'. ideas that i would mull over for days, years! to come. and suddenly, these wonderful conversations have entered my life again. once again, i have found people who are just as curious, exploratory, and willing to discover the possibilities with me. people who sense an urgency to talk and discuss the soul, public school practices, the life of creating and being the art that makes you an artist, traveling beyond the confines of places you already know, realizing that other people's lives happen so that you can relate to each other in hard times, the beauty of a moment, the magic of God, the reason that we exist.

i have suddenly realized that perhaps i am where i am in order to have these conversations. perhaps my move to Gardena has more of a purpose then i realize. that perhaps the movement that i have been wishing to be apart my whole life has finally arrived. that too many people are realizing the same truths, and seeking the same things. that perhaps it is now time for the people to take control of their communities, and transform them into places that they indeed call 'home'.

my goal is to own a community coffee shop where people can have open dialogue with each other, as well as a venue that supports the local and touring art and music scene. eyeball burp!

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Azazel said...

I believe that we attract certain people to our lifes, to meet certain needs, answer certain questions, or teach us certain things, in order to get us to the next chapter in our lives.
I love how when you look back on your journey you realize you took alot of twist and turns you didn't expect that got you to where you needed to be in order for you to meet with the people you needed to get there. Keep searching and keep moving foward. You will get to the place where you want to be.

You inspire me :)
I admire your courage to search and find your way tru to your dreams and stay positive :)