miss donuts is one of those truly magical places for the lonely, stoned, fantastical, talkative and contemplative. you just feel good inside here, and i can't wait for it to get cold outside, so i can curl up with my journal and write about all my dreams that will never come true, because i'm too "lazy, scared, and on to the next thing" to quote Beavers. I go there so much that people say they drive by looking to see if i'm sitting there. they have those huge picture windows that faces the street, so you feel like you are on display, but i like that because if you want to find me, you can. even if you call, i might not pick up because i might have lost my phone, yet again...

alex was filming me the whole time we were talking. he is laughing at my emotions right now. i cry every time i partake, not in a sad way, just in a hyper-psycho-highly-emotive kind of way. by this time i was perfecting the 'cry and laugh', just to confuse people on which emotion i am feeling at the moment.

someday i'm going to be on youtube and see an amazingly beautiful collage of filming, and see this conversation weaved into a million other moments. that would be a beautiful gift, if we were to give each other gifts. i think we just eat donuts and draw each other pictures, if that. the last gift i remember getting alex was hellen jo's jin and jam, and that fuking rocked!!!! it was a proud moment in girlfriend history ; )

i always have really good conversations in here. so much so that i want to film them. like in coffee and cigarettes, but call it donuts and fat asses. my stomach is becoming pouchy and i should stop eating donuts, but they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious.

i kept getting confused which coke was mine, and which one was alex's, so i kept sipping out of both of them. then i had to pee, so i crept down to where the trash cans are, and discreetly peed. i must have been at the top part of an incline, because urine started to trail down from where i was squatting, and spread out like a huge puddle. i had a lot of pee in me, and couldn't stop peeing for like 5 minutes, and the puddle was huge. i told alex that if he laughed at me i would push him in it. he laughed, but because i was eating a fresh apple fritter, i was too preoccupied to push him in my puddle of pee.

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