road rage, cheap ass pens, and hellen jo

have you ever been in a plaza where there is a Michael's, Whole Foods, Best Buy, Target, Office Depot, Peet's, Borders, In-n-Out, Pinkberry, AMC, Tilly's, TJ Max, and CostCo? 


well, holy crap, then you ain't in Irvine.  home of those... rich capitalistic bastards who can't drive and don't honk either, so you just are left mad-dogging them dang asian women bitcheessssssss (i'm allow to say that, because i'm an asian female who drives bad and been known to have road rage, especially to other asian women!) 

 (yes i realize that she isn't asian.... but i didn't want to rub it in too hard, because of obvious stereotypes that i've already perpetuated... maybe because they are true- grrrrr)

so i bought a water color set for 40% off at Michael's, then a sketchbook at borders, and sat outside on the wooden tet-a-tats near a fountain which was next to a huge ass wall that showed projected music videos. luxury at it's finest.  of course, we scoured the clearance sales at each store, and scored a bunch of 10 cent .25 pens, which alex made multiple orgasmic sounding sounds over.  he proceeded to become OBSESSIVE over them, choosing the pens over conversation with me while we devoured hamburgers. i threatened to leave him forever, so he put them away for about 5 minutes, before slowly bringing them out again to unwrap them and gawk over his awesome find.  (again, art is my mistress, and i'm a sucker). 

i felt crappy for buying so much stuff, but then realized that i only spent 10 bucks, and not at all frivolously, because i bought a new BLANK journal... one of the hardest things for me to find.  my most current journal is lined... but that was a big fat mistake and i kick myself in the balls every time i write something in it, because the lines make me feel so trapped and "liney".  now i have to finish writing in it, or else i'll be just like my old self, and never finish any journals.... which i don't do anyways. but i put a date label on it "2009-2010", so now i feel i have to live out the 2010 of the deal.  

by the way, hellen jo fucking rocks.  

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