post-apocalyptic lit

i could go on and on how complex choosing a book to take with you on vacation is.  


too preachy
too heady (as in anything that is too didactic or 'smart')
not too long, but not too short either


something new/interesting/attention grabbing
something absorbing (usually involving strong character development/new worlds)
good writing (good quotes that you can mull over while relaxing)

so for this break, i brought a non-fiction Barbara Kingsolver (who i usually really like) and a Anne Lamott. I hate both of them right now. Mostly because i feel let down.  I wanted to escape this week, not be pulled along to one of their "real moments".  i wanted adventure and strong character development and plot and a story that i could get sucked into.  i shouldn't have chosen 2 "slice of life" books.  it was entirely my fault. 

alpha introduced me to Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse, via present from lani.  wow, just what the doctor ordered.  short stories that suck me in.  i love "end of the world, we're all fucked, destruction and the end of humankind as we know it" stories.  i love to see these "kind of like humans but way more messed up than we've ever been" humans interacting with the relics of our past.  thats why i like Wall-e so much, because it showed that we are all screwing ourselves over, but we like a good deal way-too-much (cough Wal-mart, Costco cough).  

good stuff.

its almost time to head home... i'm going to miss the rain and sun and water and waves and food and friends and mountains that remind me of jurassic park and the garden of eden all at the same time.  i would feel the same stuck if i was born here. but i wasn't born on kauai, so i think its wonderful.  shame that i didn't grow up in gardena, maybe then i'd love it.  

i just want alex and i to be near.  we are getting nearer... but not fast enough. i am impatient. i made you a present, pants.  can't wait to give it to you! 


zorana ngai said...

you should have brought and finished twilight on your trip

Hurlyjark said...

I'm glad you liked Wastelands. I really love that collection. Try The Road by Cormac McCarthy. (I briefly wrote about it here.)

p.s. I just realized you are now "following" my blog. My writing here is way boring, haha.