meaty bites, secret rooms, onolicious!

i've been having vivid dreams lately.  perhaps because i've been eating lots of meat for dinner.  i got bitten by one ferocious mosquito last night (it bit me about 8 times) and when i went to smash it, so much blood squirted out of its smashed body, i knew that it feasted on me in its last moments.  i blew up, as i always do when i get mosquito bites, and my arm looked like i ran it through a meat tenderizer... (well it looked pretty gruesome anyways).  i took some benadryl, drank a mojito, and proceeded to pass out on the couch before dinner.  

my dreams have been full of emotion and differing characters.  last night, eyeball burp hosted a party in zo and trish's old apartment.  the place was bumping with people. i arrived late, because no one told me that there was a party going on, but when i got there, the apartment was packed with people that i knew from all over the place, college, childhood, gardena church.  zo whispered to me to sneak behind this drywall, and i entered a whole new apartment.  janice whang and carissa woo were looking at these shrines that were made of little girl items, like plastic combs and old pictures and dolls.  aya was lying on a bed.  i could hear the party still going on, but i didn't know how to get out of this "secret room". i think i sat down on a bed and listen to people talk.  

paul and i ate at the village snack shop for lunch.  we got the chile chicken combo plate.  

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zorana ngai said...

wow. random dream. interesting it was at my old place.