kitchen table thoughts

sorry folks. i've been busy... doing nothing.

alex and i are kicking back at the kitchen table. we spent a majority of the night planning Issue 2 of Eyeball Burp.  i'm really excited to brainstorming #2, because its going to be quite different than #1.  i'm just realizing that in zine making there is much room to roam and try new and different things, and i want to explore that space.  everyone seems so quick to box Eyeball Burp in, and categorize us, but i'm not even sure what our focus is and where we are headed.  i'm just happy to have met so many amazing talented smart wonderful people along the way, and to partner with them in this journey.  

i don't know though. this whole "making a zine" process has been a trip. i never thought that in a million years i would have spent the last year creating a collection of work that i'm so proud of.  everyone that participated are my favorite artists, writers, photographers, etc.  i feel honored, and i hope to bring together someday for a big feast/party/dinner/celebration.  

more to come.

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