eggs for sale!

fresh eggs! get your fresh eggs!

i want some chickens, so that i can have eggs, to eat, to share, to sell.  speckled ones, white ones, brown ones.  today i was looking on craigslist and saw that chickens are only a couple of bucks. especially the baby ones.  i wonder how long it takes for a chicken to mature from a baby chick.  then i have to build a coop. my friend janice wanted to build a stained glass chicken coop in her backyard, she also wanted a goat.  in atlanta, you are allowed to have goats, i wonder if its the same in gardena.

so i'll build a lemonade stand, and sell the zines, the eggs, and my homemade wallets on the side of the road.  i'll "gainfully employ" myself.  stick it to the man! damn the man! 

i would give myself health insurance.


zorana ngai said...

or you can sell them at farmers market..

alex chiu said...

so many possiblities.

Monica said...

oh yay! and then you could have a garden and use the chicken poo to fertilize the veggies...haha, and then you could invite me over to help eat them. :D