aches pains and new meds

i went to the doctor's today because for the last 3 days i've had splitting and dull aches.  i lost my appetite, when i bend down i start to get pressure change head aches.  my eyes have become sensitive to light and my sense of smell has become super sensitive.  actually lately the smell of coffee, mayo, flowers and fragrance of any kind makes me want to hurl. no i'm not pregnant.  thats what my mom thought too. we found out that its stress headaches.  STRESS. i guess i'm stressed. my room is dirty, that means my mind is messy. and with long hours of work and bills to pay, i guess i am a bit stressed. thought its not "real" stress like school and work and huge debit and family problems.  but still i'm not chilling. 

he gave me excel.  seems to me that this med is intense.  i hope it helps me.  

i ate some strawberries and this made me feel better. i can't drink liquor while on this medicine, so good bye hanging out at donna's for the time being.  i think that these headaches mean to tell me that hanging out at places and drinking beer as a relaxer isn't good for me.  perhaps i need to start exercising and drinking more water.

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