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as i turned 24, i had a bunch of interesting conversations with people, whether over breaks, food or the checkout stand. i found out that this year in particular is the year of the oxen (for those of you born in the year of the ox), because 2009 is the year of the ox, as well. So in terms of "luckiness", who knows? But I do know that i feel that this year has already been amazing. Just the people that I run into on a daily basis and talk with, and they share their personal passions with me, allows me to feel so inspiration to keep on trekking.

just a couple of months ago, EyeBall Burp was just scraps of paper in a broken down blue folder. fast forward 3 months and now it is in the final stages of production, with publishing and distribution right around the corner. alex and i are scrambling around trying to finish the design work and the rest of the layouts. i realize the difficulty that most artists run into. they do not make money off their work (not enough to live out of) so they work jobs as baristas, waiters, clerks, office receptionists, aides, and are so tired after their day jobs, that they cannot focus on their night jobs, which usually reflect their true passions. i never realized this was difficult until i started working on EBB, and now i find myself constantly busy and tired, yet i know that this project is much bigger than myself, so i have to keep going and get the word out.

i just ate some leftover pancakes from the annual JCI boyscout pancake breakfast. Yum. and just enjoying the couple of hours before i have to go into work, by drinking tea, listening to music, and plucking my eyebrows, all the while thinking about the mag.

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