ramble-rasp pie

i have been really focused on the magazine, until this week, when i let go of it, and gave it to alex for its final adjustments and the publishing process. it's my baby thats been with me for about 8 months now, and i can't believe that we are printing now! my dream is coming true. yet i am beginning to realize how stressful putting together an interesting and interactive and relevant magazine is. I do not know how Giant Robot does it, with what seems like their 5-6 person staff. I don't know how Hyphen does it with its all volunteer staff, and I don't know how TAJ did it, with its cover to cover to socio-political topics, that they produced each month.

yesterday was one of the first nights that i took for myself. I eventually ended up calling up Chey, and meeting up with Randy and Emily, but before that, I really got to spend some quality time with myself and my journal. I guess my blog will never be my journal, and my journal can never be my blog... they are different entities, and hopefully will not get jealous of each other. i believe both are necessary and needed.

tomorrow is friday, and though i have work in the mornings, I have the night free to do as i please. i'm going to spend it with hyo davis!!!! who knows what the plan is, but i know that we would be content with lounging around and being ourselves. perhaps this includes both of us falling asleep on the couch, from too little sleep at night and long work hours. my eyes are shutting now. i'll be off reading twilight.

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Azazel said...


If u need some charcoal for that bbq (if u still trowing it) give me n Ed a call, We are KRAYZIE and have like 5 BIg bags of charcoal lol