Lamp girl collage, rite aid, and life changing quotes

life is so crazy. the people i've met and talked to. the world is full of such interesting and amazing people, and i want to feature each and every one of them in Eye Ball Burp. But I need to just focus and concentrate on Issue One, and making sure it comes out, finished in a timely manner. Self- imposed deadlines are always more intense than other deadlines, because if you are a procrastinator and slacker like me, then things get put off, or extended, or the most common, left hanging unfinished and incomplete... and yet I'm ok with that. But not this time, this time i'm going to follow through and complete something in my life, that doesn't involve thousands of dollars of owed tuition.

alex's eye surgery went really well, and he is beginning to see in his right eye. he says he was seeing the world in purple for a while, trippy. we spent the day lounging about, and spent some time in the notebook and hardware section of rite aid today. our favorite parts of drug stores. i bought an address book, to keep track of all your phone numbers and email address, so when i lose my phone for the 6th time, i don't have to blindly guess who is trying to text message me at 3 am in the morning, and a box cutter. i might paint it with sparkly gold nail polish. my blinged out box cutter. marukai eat your heart out.

quote of my week: "things don't change. you change your way of looking, that's all"
-carlos castaneda

change the way you see things today.
try it out.
it might change your whole life.
lampgirl, 2009, photo collage


Azazel said...
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Azazel said...

I am soooo jelous right now!!!
I think your box cutter got stolen on Saturday 4/4/09 I think Juan took it, or maybe Terry!!!

alex chiu said...

oh god I look so fat. crap!