wells of people

part deux: it was misty outside and i was on my way to see the greatly anticipated Wells of People show. i felt a bit strange wandering into what i assumed to be a slightly bro-y bar, alone, and unsure of what to expect from the whole night. i was the first to show up, so i sat and watched the band set up, and chatted about alternative universes, the matrix, and how tonight would be an experimental night, as the band didn't have a drummer for this performance.

the first band had underaged guys, so the bar said that they could play as long as they didn't try to buy drinks. Guess who tried to buy drinks? dumb. they all got kicked out and couldn't play their set.

Then the band came on. Justin on vocals and guitar, Brent on bass, Chris on Korg and keys, and Kenneth on violin and drums. there was beat boxing, Animal Collective covers, improvised drumming when the speakers temporarily blew out, good beats, and lots of red lighting.

It was a very good show. The music really took me to a good place. A place of acceptance, of love and of the world bringing together people that should be together.
i felt WOP were more of an experimental music band, than just some catchy tunes.

a hint of Denizen Kane mixed in

have you ever felt like Neo?

Kenneth studied music in Georgia State. He is wearing his signature tie.

getting some fresh air out back

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