sum of the parts collage

there are nights like these, a bit cold, and i, for some reason, am still wide awake. yet these are the moments that i lean my head back, scrunching my neck against my shoulders and closing my eyes because i am so greatly inspired to keep on living another day. great music will do that for you. the kind of music that flows through your body, coursing through your very blood stream, and makes love making a dance. the kind of music that make lips curl and eye lids shutter, the kind of music that calls for hair to be let down, shoes take off, so your little toes can dance individually without constraint. this is the kind of music that i sing in the shower, music that sounds so good to me, the echoes in the streams of piping hot water, the notes that dance and get stuck in the suds of my hair. these notes bounce and skip and leap and fall softly in my own ears, to inspire and allow me to feel like-- me. yet when i open the shower door, the notes escape with the steam, and i fall back into a reality, back in the daze of days, of day in and day out, of bathroom breaks every 2 hours, and prepared lunches in the night before, as the fog lifts.

circa 2007

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