i picked up a nickle for him. he spoke spanish with the lady at the snack shop. i was buying spicy chile peanuts. they were $1.50. not bad for a girl on a budget. i had to debate in my mind for about a minute whether to get the peanuts or the spicy hot cheetos. peanuts won in the healthy arena. i decided today that i like to do pottery with slippers on. i feel that socks and shoes are too confining on my feet when working with clay. because its such a earthy medium, and the clay gets all over, i feel it only natural that i work barefoot, or in zoris.

i biked home, with only a thin jacket on. i practically froze to death. my wrists have become to hurt from wedging... tired and slleeeeeeepy. i feel that when i squint, my eyes are too heavy to keep open. sleep sounds so good. i don't know i'm wake. maybe not. maybe i'm going to crawl into bed and sleep until noon, because its slothful, and i'm allowed to be so, on my days off.

i miss y o u.//;;;;'''''''.

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