nor Cal or bust!

alex and i road tripped up north this weekend.
our first stop was to hang out with JOYCE!

she is one of my favoritest people in the whole wide world.
she shaved her head,
can cook a mean pot of spicy ramen,
rocks earrings like nobody else' business,
woke me up in the morning for a whole year,
writes me snail mail more than anyone else,
and beat me in leg wrestling far too many times.

llosie, we drove so far to see you,
to eat your seaweed soup, kimchee pancakes and sleep in your house.
it was lovely.

"happy 24." i feel old.
she had just recently bought Twilight. I knew we were meant to be...

i'm frida matsushima, beyotch!
how would frida feel that her portrait is on my socks?
proud, estastic, strange, uneasy, smelly?

she wakes up at the buttcrack (5... death) to open up shop.
they bake all their bread, fresh.


showing off her espresso stain. go barista!

enjoying his coffee.

just look at that. freakin' delish.

...and then we were on the road again.


Anonymous said...

you should all visit boston and paint on my wall.

theFourthie said...

zang!! high honors! chubpots for LIFE!