i chose zoe

every thursday is my day of absolute freedom. no work, no school, no obligations to be anywhere or be with anyone. last thursday, i chose zoe, not because she's a pokemon character, but because we've been meaning to travel to downtown LA in style, and by style, i mean on the metro busline. we bought a day pass and followed her aadap route to la, on the way meeting various characters, some of whom try to trip us up, but we could not be swayed. our destination was the Los Angeles Public Library (a beautiful place). it took a while for us to get there, but we had every good conversation for the most part. we ended our day, having to walk from galleria to crenshaw in the cold, because we missed our stop from being so involved in our conversation, and then had some tampopo ramen, and a huge chocolate chip cookie, slapped on the table by rodney tanaka.

good day.

crenshaw and artesia to 5th and olive... 5 hours up and back

the rumors of free drinks at coffeebean were true,
and library books are always free!

ashes and snow, perhaps the best collection of photography, EVER

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