'doodle with me collective' adventure

it was sunny and nice
alex made a breakfast of tosada chips and spagetti sauce
we shared a cup of coffee and good conversatin'

this particular journey started off in
leah's car

notice her awesome collection of everything
we drove and drove and parked, and then began walking

we stumbled upon the old chinese district of downtown san diego
this old building was once a opium den/hotel, turned creepy deserted exclusive dining room

we sat and pretended to be dining here

next door we found the Red Lotus Society

Jafar served us tea.
He is a fellow wanderer traveler lover painter who practices tai chi.
He also liked my chile mangoes.

the tea bar is my dream tea bar

the doodle with me collective draws

we all got antsy to keep moving, and we were hungry

alex got his hand chopped off in a boy scout accident.
he got it replaced with a deer hoof.
i don't know how he opened his soda. maybe with his left hand?

Pokez rocks.

alex and i took the bus home,
and ended up hanging with the Midnight Ralph's Crew.

the regulars Chris and Tom were there

we walked on home, tired, yet happy to be alive and together and inspired

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Curiosity Designer said...

Hey, thanks for documenting this! I had such an amazing adventure with all..........great great great!