the wanderer's dinner party, no.1

every year Alex has an art show. this year the show was combined with a dinner party and live music performances. we received $100 for "refreshments" and what we did was cook a feast for family and friends. the table was a colorful spread of ceviche tosadas, red beans, fried rice, gyoza, fruits, stir fry vegetables, logan, persian pickles, breads, pumpkin scones, herb salad, macaroons, and ham and cheese sandwiches.
thanks for coming out tonight.
you are all the people that i appreciate in my life.
you are the ones that have inspired me to keep doing what i'm doing.
(paraphrased by ann)

hyo's delicious shrimp ceviche

the dumpling club rolls 100+ dumplings!
alex from romanian, of the Midnight Ralph's crew, learns the art of gyoza making

all you need are nimble fingers and a good egg wash

dig in, greg!

we were well stocked with food. drinks were limited.
notice the arrowhead bottle filled with "pink stuff." thats all the drinks we had!

leah and her Bread Cape! she just finished her Ham and Cheese music video.
Check it out, yo.

Ryoko belts it out. Arigato Alex!

Jim as the New Sorrows, and Alex on violin.

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awww this is amazing, ann!